Individually-awarded remuneration

The Board of the Fund may decide that the Public Lending remuneration to certain originators shall be set to a larger amount than that which has been calculated statistically; this is known as individually-awarded remuneration. An originator is eligible for individually-awarded remuneration if (s)he has published books eligible for compensation and intends to work primarily as an author, translator or illustrator. An additional number of criteria regarding his or her literary production have to be fulfilled.

The awarded sum for 2024 amounts to SEK 302,000. At present about 162 authors, translators and illustrators receive this individually-awarded remuneration. It is taxable and the recipients must pay social security contributions on the amounts they receive. The amount includes the recipient’s lending based remuneration.

Individually-awarded remuneration is to be applied for in the spring (February 1 to March 1).

Information for applicants in English (pdf)

Individually-awarded remuneration may be awarded an originator who is solely or mainly professionally active as an author, translator or illustrator and who has convincingly, with consideration to literary quality and quantity, proved his/her professional activity. There are some stipulated guidelines (ten years of professional activity, a minimum of five or six creative works available to the public) but due to the very stiff competition the decisions are often made on terms more stringent than stipulated in the guidelines. Normally, an applicant should have had the two and five-year working grant before (s)he is considered for the individually-rewarded remuneration.

A recipient of individually-awarded remuneration may not simultaneously be employed more than half-time. (S)he may only receive individually-awarded remuneration up to the age of 70.