Grants for playwrights and translators of plays

Openings for grants for playwrights and translators of plays are announced once a year, in February.

The application period opens on February 15 and will close on March 15. No application will be accepted after this date.

Decision on grants will be made in April/May.

There are working grants for five years, two years and for one year. This year, the subcommittee on playwrights has SEK 2.7 million at its disposal for this purpose.

At present a five-year grant is for an annual sum of SEK 130,000. These grants are taxable and counted toward the national pension scheme. One and two-year grants are non-taxable and currently ranging be­tween SEK 60,000 and SEK 90,000.

Information to applicants in Swedish (pdf)

Playwright Subsidy

The playwright subsidy is a State subsidy for commissioning new Swedish plays. Free theatre groups, regional and local theatre institutions and radio and television companies can receive this subsidy, for partial financing of a new Swedish play commissioned by them. SEK 3.0 million is available for this purpose this year.

Applications are to be submitted jointly by a playwright and the theatre in­stitution that wants to perform the play. Decisions are made twice a year.

The subsidy is paid to the theatre, which is then required to pay the entire amount to the playwright.

The sum of the subsidy is fixed at 2/3 of the basic amount paid to the playwright according to the prevailing agreement between The Swedish Playwrights' Union and The Association of Swedish Theatres, concerning acqui­sition and performance of plays. The theatre itself must pay at least 1/3 of the agreed payment to the playwright.

Information to applicants in Swedish (pdf)

Application form (pdf)


Grants for travel and international exchange

Playwrights and translators of plays are also eligible for the special grants for travel and international exchange.

These grants are available for all literary professional categories and genres; the applications are reviewed five times per year.

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